This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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A crisis of selfishness

The problem of the environment has its roots in self-centeredness. “The misuse of creation begins when we no longer recognize any higher instance than ourselves, when we see nothing else but ourselves.”[1]

This diagnosis points to the only solution, which is the turning away from self toward the world. Francis calls all people of good will “to become painfully aware, to dare to turn what is happening to the world into our own personal suffering and thus to discover what each of us can do about it.”[2] So long as we remain insulated by our egoism, we will remain numb to the consequences of our actions and those of our society on the created order. It is also vital for us to remember that our internalizing the violence done to the environment is not purely an imaginary exercise. The social and the environmental are concretely linked, meaning that what we have before us is not a dichotomy between social and environmental crises, but rather one complex crisis that involves both.[3]

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