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By Daniel Schwindt

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A prophet is beholden to no one but God

We should, after emphasizing the universality of Islam and its acceptance of a long line of prophets, take care to note that, despite acknowledging this succession, it does not claim any kind of strict linear connection between its doctrinal details and those of the Gospel or the Old Testament. While Christians tend to try to reconcile in strict detail every line of the New Testament with every line of the Old, in order to prove that Christ was the fulfillment and not the reject of the Old, Islam is not so concerned, for here the Prophet is beholden to no one but God and the message he is given to proclaim. This is true of all prophets, but for Muslims the principle is very much taken at face value and so there is less compulsion to try and demonstrate why the Koran appears to be discontinuous on such-and-such a point with whatever have been said by the prophets of old.

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