This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

This Dark Age is now available in paperback on Amazon. The print version is MUCH cleaner than this online version, which is largely unedited and has fallen by the wayside as the project has grown. If you’ve appreciated my writing, please consider leaving a review on the relevant paperback volumes. The print edition also includes new sections (Military History, War Psychology, Dogmatic Theology).

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Abbreviations for Magisterial Documents

The following abbreviations are used through the section on Catholic Social Teaching to refer to official documents.

       AA                          Apostolicam Actuositatem

       AM                          Apostolic Mandate

       CA                           Centesimus Annus

       CC                           Casti Connubii

       CCC                        Catechism of the Catholic Church 

       CSDC                      Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

       CV                           Caritas in Veritate

       DH                          Dignitatis Humanae

       DR                           De Regno

       DV                          Donum Vitae

       EG                           Evangelii Gaudium

       EN                           Evangelii Nuntiandi

       EV                           Evangelium Vitae

       FC                           Familiaris Consortio

       GS                           Gaudium et Spes

       HG                          Humanum Genus

       HV                          Humanae Vitae

       ID                            Immortale Dei

       LC                           Libertatis Conscientia

       LE                            Laborem Exercens

       LP                            Libertas Praestantissimum

       LS                            Laudato Si’

       MM                         Mater et Magistra

       OA                          Octogesima Adveniens

       PDG                        Pascendi Dominici Gregis

       PP                            Populorum Progressio

       PT                           Pacem in Terris

       QA                          Quadragesimo Anno

       RH                          Redemptor Hominis

       RN                           Rerum Novarum

       RP                           Reconciliatio et Paenitentia

       SRS                          Sollicitudo Rei Socialis

       ST                            Summa Theologica

       TFP                         Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus

       UA                          Ubi Arcano

       VS                           Veritatis Splendor

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