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By Daniel Schwindt

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Advaita-vada, or non-duality

The doctrine central to Vedanta is advaita-vada, or ‘doctrine of nonduality.’ This is proper for its object, which is the domain of pure metaphysics. Here we have moved even beyond Being, for while Being is ‘one,’ that which is beyond Being, which is in fact the Supreme Principle, Brahma, cannot be given any positive affirmation, but only described in the negative as ‘without duality.’ Brahma is therefore beyond all determination, including that first determination, which is Being. Using the numeric symbols, Being is equal to ‘1,’ and the duality that it manifests is ‘2’ and so on, while Brahma, Being outside of number, is equal to zero. Thus, Brahma is distinct from the world, even if the world is not outside of Brahma, since there is truly nothing outside of Brahma.

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