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By Daniel Schwindt

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All authentic revelations are Islamic

Islam is a principle, and is named after an idea, and aside from Buddhism is the only religion named thusly. Accordingly, it is believed that all valid religions possess this principle, and that, to the degree that they testify to tawhid and ‘surrender to the One God’, are al-islam.

This is why Abraham is called muslim: he was a man who knew the One God and surrendered to His Will even to the point of sacrificing his son. Thus, he was in a state of al-islam, and it matters little that he was situated within Judaism.

All believers who testify and surrender are muslim, and all religions that speak of the One God are Islamic.

That is not to say Islam itself does not distinguish itself from these: as has already been said, only Islam brought this idea out with perfect clarity according to the verbatim word of God that is the Koran: the other religions are al-Islam to a certain degree, but Islam is the perfect of what is elsewhere only approximated in a more or less imperfect and often corrupted form.

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