This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

All objects are significant

To perhaps approach the issue from the opposite direction, from external things, we can say that he who has a developed sense of the inexpressible that is beyond all expression senses that all things are more than they seem. To the numb and the callous, a tree is a tree and can be used to build a house; to the sensitive, a tree is never just a tree, but its shape and its lifecycle and its use all hint at a significance that is mysterious to him, but that he knows is a real significance that is essential but veiled, because just as the inner truths are less expressible as they are more profound, so also the more profound the significance of external objects, the more invisible. Even the practical use of a thing will carry with it a hint or a sign as to its meaning; that the tree provides the material for a home is not a dead fact but also contains a hint at the tree’s meaning, but only those with “ears to hear” will “take the hint” and commit themselves to penetrating externalities in order to possess the essence.

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