This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Ambient disorder

These conditions are inescapable in terms of your lived experience,[1] and you will need to accept this in the same way that you would have to reconcile yourself with a permanent bodily affliction. Chaos and materialization characterize your life: body, soul, and spirit. You may find respite in contemplation or in communion with like-minded people, but for the most part, the very air you breath will impart a sense of agitation, dispersing your concentration. This will cause you pain, and you will want to seek out and destroy the source, and you will find many things and people to blame for it, and perhaps this is justified, but the true source is not in the men around you, but in the qualitative character of the Dark Age. The world itself may feel alien to you, but this is not because it is not what it should be, but because you are not what you should be, and because you are likely of a particular spiritual temperament that puts you even more at odds with your ambiance than other people you encounter, such that they will never understand your natural alienation. You must acclimate to this chaos without being consumed by it and learn to acknowledge it while at the same time working to overcome it from within, since only in your spiritual depths are you truly beyond its reach. You were born in the long night, and it does no good to demand the sun. It cannot come. It sets according to providential laws that are not for you to comprehend, put in place since the foundation of the world. You can only work to realize the light that is in you, and your vocation is not to bring back the day, but to light the darkness, knowing all the while that it is indeed within this darkness that you must live and breathe, however stifling it is to breathe it.

[1] We are not ignoring the possibilities of spiritual realization and method, which of course present ways of finding peace in this life. We are simply addressing a specific context and ‘the facts’ of the human condition.

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