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By Daniel Schwindt

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Ambiguity of the term ‘soul’

Soul is an ambiguous term, and is used ambiguously throughout the New Testament, particularly by St. Paul who is constantly speaking of ‘losing one’s life so that one’s life can be saved.’ We understand intuitively that this must refer to two different lives, and this is enunciated in Christian doctrine by saying that we put on ‘new clothes’ and discard the old. The same is true for the usage of ‘self,’ and in all such cases we must understand that we are dealing with the Soul and the soul, the Self and the self, the spark of the Intellect or Spirit (Self, Soul) and the ego or personality. Unfortunately, despite the fact that in the reading we all know intuitively that there is a distinction in question, when it comes to many theological commentaries, there seems to be an adamant insistence that the distinction is illusory.

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