This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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An overview of tripartite cosmology

The human being not only develops within nature and is therefore subject to its laws, but it is also said that man is a ‘microcosm’ and expresses within himself the structure of the cosmos in its entirety. There cannot be any anthropology without a corresponding cosmology. We could say that modern philosophy erred in favor of an extreme idealism, divorcing man from his natural environment, while modern science erred in favor of an extreme materialism, denying any aspects of human nature that exceeds the observations of biologists.

Our intent here is to rescue man from the idealists and return him to his natural environment, while at the same time rescuing nature itself from the materialists. The result will be a more comprehensive vision of man and the cosmos allowing us to see the constitutional correspondences between them. Our anthropology will be affirmed repeatedly through an examination of the Greek and Christian doctrines about man, and it is these two traditions, synthetically integrated, that provide the basis for Catholic spiritual anthropology today, and this is why we occasionally refer to it as the Greco-Catholic view of the human being.

We will begin by examining the tripartite nature of reality, which permits us to see the real as composed of three ‘worlds’, each of which, by analogical correspondence, telling us something about the constitution of man as ‘a world unto himself’. These three are: the corporeal or ‘gross’ state; the subtle or ‘psychic’ state; and the spiritual or ‘pneumatic’ state.

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