This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

Apologetics serves the purpose of clearing away debris

While the rational faculty cannot reach into the divine, it can present certain obstacles to it, obscuring our ability to interpret our spiritual experiences before and after they occur.

It is a question of levels. At the level of our being at which spiritual knowledge is given, at which the encounter occurs, the reason plays not part, since it moves one step at a time—which is to say ‘discursively’—while the presence of God is felt ‘all at once’. This is why we speak of ‘insight’ and ‘intuition’ and ‘immediate knowledge’ and of ‘encounter’. All of these words imply that awareness of God, when it comes, comes all at once, and not ‘one step at a time.’

At the rational level, everything comes a little bit at a time and in a certain order. This is the level at which apologetics operates and so we can see that it in its beneficial aspect it can serve to help work out certain mental knots that we may have formed through prejudice or confusion that would cause us to misinterpret that of which we become aware in moments of insight.

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