This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Ascending development vs. descending elaboration

It is interesting to note that, for all of its insistence on human equality, the modern West permits individuals and classes to rule, although it only permits this on the basis of purely material qualifications. In other words, it is horrified if anyone claims that this or that individual is inherently more qualified to rule, but is thrilled to have a billionaire purchase a seat of power, taking the accumulation of wealth as an acceptable ‘qualification’ since this does not seem to encroach on the doctrine of equality.

Modern hierarchy is therefore the result of an ascending development on the part of theoretically equal beings, usually measured by the standard of material wealth; traditional hierarchy is a descending elaboration of the divine nature.

This latter point also explains why in Hinduism caste can be lost but not gained (although even here exceptions are allowed, since traditional doctrine does not pretend to be a closed system). Qualifications that are ‘qualities’ cannot be gained by material addition, and are therefore unaffected by wealth, whereas in the West, the realm of quantity, wealth easily becomes to end-all-be-all and if one has enough of it there are no social limits to what one can accomplish.

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