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Asexual reproduction

We should also remark that if the significance of sexuality is sought in evolutionary explanations, which always revolve around the ‘survival of the species’ and everything that is, is explained by saying that it must have been practical and rendered the specimen more ‘fit,’ then we can say that binary sexuality (wherein a species is polarized into male and female) is itself inexplicable. There are a number of organisms of the lower orders that reproduce asexually, without this polarization into male and female. This is undoubtedly simpler and more effective for the survival of the species, and there is no survival reason for things to have developed into a more complicated way of reproducing. The same criticism can in fact be directed at evolutionary theory in general, since most of what supposedly developed from the process cannot possibly be explained in terms of opportuneness or mere survival fitness. As we move from lower to higher, the supposed ‘developments’ are absolutely unnecessary and if the mechanics of evolution worked like we are told, there is no reason why any complex organism would develop at all.

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