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By Daniel Schwindt

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Being as essence and as substance

In truth, theology is correct in its substantial view of Being, but only due to its perspective which is from within manifestation, where everything is substance. It therefore must describe Being as substance while denying a substantial continuity between Being-as-Principle and the manifested order. But this separation, while necessary, is only really possibly once one transcends this “relative Being” and instead places the Principle outside of ontology. Then the essential identity between principle and production becomes clear while also making quite clear the substantial discontinuity between them, since the ontological Principle can have nothing to do with substance.

Pantheism is most often used as a rhetorical tool to avoid having to make any effort at comprehension of a doctrine that is not familiar to them and not readily apparent.

The several items above concerning pantheism and the essential continuity between the principle of Being and all beings could be better explained. See pages 39-41 of Transcendent Unity.

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