This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Beyond paradise

If it is true that exoteric doctrine does not go beyond Being, then we can see that that spiritual level, even up to and including man’s final destination of paradise or hell, is also confined within the limits of Being. And obviously if esoterism is not limited in this way but is concerned with a journey that ends in the Infinite, then its destination is not paradise, which is a spiritual state, but in something beyond paradise, namely union with the Absolute. This is why, regarding him who has received initiatic (esoteric) knowledge, a Sufi has said: “Paradise is the prison of the initiate as the world is the prison of the believer.” Thus, beautification in paradise, which in Hinduism is the Brahma-Loka is nonetheless a metaphysical limitation. It is a “final destination” for exoteric doctrine, or theology, only because theology goes no further. A note here is necessary, however: Even though Paradise, from the exoteric perspective, implies a limitation or a “conditioned” state, the term employed from an esoteric perspective and even in the Gospels can be used to refer to an unconditioned state.

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