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Buddhi and the Trimurti

Because all that proceeds from Prakriti participates in the three gunas, Buddhi can be regarded as ternary and is sometimes identified with the Trimurti (Brahmā, Shiva, Vishnu):

Mahat [Buddhi] is conceived distinctly as three Gods, through the influence of the three gunas, being one single manifestation [murti] in three Gods. In the universal order, it is the Divinity [not as Ishvara but as Trimurti]; but regarded distributively it belongs to individual beings [not itself being individualized, but communicating to them the possibility of participating in the divine attributes].[1]

One might here note the similarity between Buddhi and the Logos of the Christian tradition.

Buddhi can be envisioned as the intermediary between the Personality, which is really Atma, and the individuality, which then produces, as a result of its intersection with the particular domain and its conditions, the individual consciousness (ahankara) which is inherent in each ‘living soul’ (jivatma).

[1] Matsya-Purana.

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