This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Characteristics of the Kali Yuga

Because the Hindu doctrine tends to state this matter in its clearest and most detailed form, we will here list a few of the developments which manifest themselves in the Kali Yuga, and which demonstrate its presence. Remember that, in the Hindu doctrine, the bull of Dharma has been reduced from four legs to only one, which suggests a cosmic destabilization, causing morality and spiritual vitality to deteriorate. Consider your current surroundings as you reflect on the following prophesies, which are but a few:

Rulers will stop promoting spiritual truths among their people.
Some will claim that it is not even the responsibility of rulers to promote religion.
Greed, a vice of the lower castes, will reach to the rulers.
Avarice itself will prevail among the people.
Ignorance of the moral law becomes normal.
People begin to think it natural to hate one another.
Sexuality will come to be seen as central to life.
Making and breaking of vows will occur in quick succession.

Each of these lines warrants its own commentary, in particular the claim that rulers have no business promoting religion, which would receive universal applause in today’s secular states; and also the idea that people will “think it natural to hate one another”, a context in which the term hate means something more like “to turn away from and look to oneself”, and this is essentially identical to the doctrine of self-interest as preached in the philosophy of Ayn Rand and ideologies like Capitalism.

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