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By Daniel Schwindt

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Christian fundamentalism and contemporary evangelicalism

In contemporary American Christianity, what were once called “Fundamentalists” are now called “Evangelicals.” And in fact the latter have outdone their predecessors in the sense that they do not cling to “fundamentals,” like a child to its training wheels, but have narrowed the faith down to one idea: proselytism. They build everything else around that, and the consequences are always poisonous.

As often happens, a group will shed a term not because it is no longer appropriate or accurate but because it has become inconvenient. Since Americans have begun speaking of “Islamic Fundamentalists,” who are in fact the Islamic counterpart to the Christian Fundamentalists, sharing the same mentality, the term has taken on a negative meaning and had to be discarded in favor of something else. That “something else” is Evangelicalism, since it conveys the idea that its members are simply carrying out Christ’s orders. And no one believes this more than they do. And we see in them many of the same attitudes, the same rhetoric, that we see in the Islamic version: and insistence on only the most superficial interpretations of Sacred Scriptures; a view of the world where everything is framed as “us vs. them,” and “them” is always an ambiguously defined and unjustifiably wide categorization, so much so that we get the impression that Fundamentalists classify people as enemies not because they know them to be hostile but simply because they do not know them.

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