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Collective transference

Another way to look at the previous point is this: there is technique in psychoanalysis called “transference,” whereby the physician seeks to redirect feelings of guilt and self-loathing, which the patient originally aims at himself, in such a way that the patient begins to attribute those feelings to the physicians. By this method the physician “frees” the patient from guilt. The idea is that, while initially this results in the patient loathing the physician, it completes a first necessary step of allowing the patient to love himself, and the physician then seeks to train the patient to properly direct the negative feelings consciously, so that they are neither aimed at neither himself nor the physician. Propaganda exploits this technique, albeit on a collective scale and without the goal of mental health. Propaganda, by its relentless pulverizations and suggestions, allows the collective to “transfer” its guilt feelings onto a designated enemy, who then carries not only his own sins, but also the sins of the entire society.

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