This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Contemporary values that nullify heredity

Hereditary laws are further rendered inoperative by the basic values of the modern world. We actively discourage behavior that would preserve “hereditary capital.” A man who pursues his father’s calling is not considered worthy of any particular praise, and in fact he might be considered lacking in ambition. The man who “achieves” over his father by “climbing the social ladder” in some way—this man is worthy of praise. It is a characteristic theme of modern fairy tales that a boy begins his adventures by leaving home, where he was being unjustly pressured to take up his father’s mundane business or follow in his footsteps, and it is this backdrop that saddens the modern audience and makes them cheer for him when he rejects his heritage and goes out in the world to “find his own way.” The hero of the modern world is the prodigal son, except that in this narrative the some must never return home, lest he be deemed a failure.

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