This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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Debates on primacy of intellect and will

There have been debates in the West regarding the primacy of the intelligence vs. that of the will. But will is but a ‘prolongation’ of intelligence. In fact, the notion of man as a ‘free being’ with a ‘free will’ is only possible because man has an intelligence that is ‘total’ and capable of objectivity. Without objectivity the will could not be free at all. Man is capable not only of acting against his own self-interest but of actually willing against self-interest; but again this is possible only because of his objectivity, hence his intelligence, because he alone is able to place himself in the position of another and to look and feel through them. Man alone is capable of sacrificing himself for the sake of another.

It could be argued that the will is responsible for actualizing, or bringing things about, but what it brings about is again determined by the intelligence. There is no merit in ‘blind love’ anymore that mindless action–intelligence is the light without which willing and sentiment cannot be animated by Truth.

To say ‘man’ is to imply intelligence; man is distinguished by this objective intelligence; intelligence determines all that he does (wills, loves).

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