This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

This Dark Age is now available in paperback on Amazon. The print version is MUCH cleaner than this online version, which is largely unedited and has fallen by the wayside as the project has grown. If you’ve appreciated my writing, please consider leaving a review on the relevant paperback volumes. The print edition also includes new sections (Military History, War Psychology, Dogmatic Theology).

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Defense against flattery

Modern man is anxious and exceedingly insecure, for the simple reason that he does not know himself. Such a man becomes incredibly susceptible to flattery. Through this weakness, modern civilization wins acceptance of all its subversive doctrines: freedom, equality, and progress. Therefore the best defense is self-knowledge. The man who honestly knows himself could never be convinced that he is equal to all others, or that he deserves unconditional freedom, or that his generation is the wisest in all history. In short, he who knows the truth about himself becomes both confident and humble. Such a man cannot be flattered.

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