This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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Deliverance as knowledge

Shankaracharya has emphasized the fact that it is knowledge alone which brings about Deliverance. No action can accomplish it: ‘There is no other means of obtaining complete and final Deliverance except knowledge; action, not being opposed to ignorance, cannot overcome it, whereas knowledge dispels ignorance as light dispels darkness.’ To say it another way, ignorance is limitation, and when ignorance is dispelled, limitation dissolves as a matter of course. And so again, Vedanta is concerned with the approach to knowledge of Brahma. We way only ‘the approach’ to the knowledge, because that is all that can be communicated, the knowledge itself, at this level, being incommunicable and only reachable by the effort of the individual. No master can ‘understand’ on behalf of his student. Deliverance is therefore always a personal affair, and could be nothing else.

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