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By Daniel Schwindt

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Democratization of truth itself

“Looking very closely, it can be seen that religion itself dominates less a revealed doctrine than a commonly held opinion.”

~ Alexis de Tocqueville

The final outcome of the processes just explained is that all truth becomes seen as a matter of consensus. That opinion is true which is most popular. This is the unconscious premise of democratism and produces its gravest errors.

Knowledge is the most aristocratic—which is to say exclusive—of frontiers, and to imagine that ‘the polls’ are the most effective way of discovering truth is to plummet into darkness at breakneck speed. This is illustrated by the fact that, in American, the democratization of truth has invaded even the sphere of religion itself, the last stronghold of the aristocratic tradition, where, even when men of knowledge were denied their say in every other area, the clergy was still respected as the authority in its own domain. With the victory of democratism, even Christian doctrine became “less a revealed doctrine than a commonly held opinion,” to quote Tocqueville again.

Religion itself has gone the way of quantity over quality.

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