This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Development or degeneration

The various branches of each religion are accustomed to criticizing one another for either going too far or not going far enough, of being too lax or too rigorous, even when they are not accusing one another of outright error. Catholicism, which is the most elaborately developed form of Christianity, is accused by Protestants of being an unjustified embellishment of the Gospel, while Catholics, on the contrary, see theirs as both the most primitive and the most complete expression of the faith, the result of a natural, justified, and providential unfolding of doctrine enabling it to become truly Universal, hence truly Catholic. Although the analogy has its weaknesses, it could be said that the Mahayana is in a position similar to the Catholic one, while the adherents of the Hinayana represent a Protestant variation, objecting that the former have added to the original Gospel, for example by accepting texts and teachings that were not present in the original kernel of doctrine.

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