This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

This Dark Age is now available in paperback on Amazon. The print version is MUCH cleaner than this online version, which is largely unedited and has fallen by the wayside as the project has grown. If you’ve appreciated my writing, please consider leaving a review on the relevant paperback volumes. The print edition also includes new sections (Military History, War Psychology, Dogmatic Theology).

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Devils and damnation

When Lucifer fell he became Satan, because he became identified with that which ‘Satan’ represents; and this in the same way that all who identify with not-God instead of God will necessarily become Satan, although not being the archetype of the fallen, they could rather be termed one of the ‘damned,’ but still a part of the archetypal demon who is ‘legion.’ And what but annihilation at the day of judgement can await one of these who are not of God, they must go to the fire; and although nothing is ever lost, the ‘I’ that such a one clings to is utterly destroyed ‘at the end of eternity.’

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