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Disingenuous approaches to Islamic doctrine

From what has already been said about the difficulties a student of Islam faces, we can also mention the Christian-apologetic approach which only has interest is Muslims insofar as they present potential targets for conversion. Thus, the Christian apologist only has interest in learning what Muslims believe so that he can refute these beliefs with some sort of convincing argument or historical comparison.

Insincerity is a guaranteed barrier to the Truth: you cannot patronize God and get away with it. And the ‘apologetic’ approach to religious dialogue is insincere from the start. It can only lead to the exacerbation of ignorance in the individual and an increase in tensions between that individuals and those he is seeking to convert, or put more bluntly, manipulate.

If you wish to know about Islam, you must seek answers in humility, as if you actually wanted to know about Islam for its own sake. This does not imply that you must intend to become a Muslim before you can learn about Islam: but it does mean that if you cannot imagine Islam teaching you anything good about God that you did not already know, then you had better just keep away from it. Moreover, if you walk into the Islamic world as a bank robber walks into a bank that he wishes to rob, and if you ask for a tour only so you can ‘case the joint’ in hope of winning converts, then you will never get very far with the tour guide, since this kind of attitude is easy to perceive.

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