This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Diversity of natures

Having loosely outlined the constitution of individual natures, it can be said that no two being will have all the same characteristics and aptitudes, some being inclined more to one type of activity than another. There is little point in dwelling on why some are born for this and some for that task, any more than asking why some are born to one family and not another. Each has its role in the total harmony. Moreover, we should mention, for the sake of those Westerners who’ve only encountered Hinduism through popular, uninformed prejudices, that one’s place in the hierarchy of society is not a result of sinful or virtuous behavior in a previous life. Nothing in manifestation repeats itself: not history, and not the corporeal union of soul to a body. That this should be attributed to orthodox Hinduism is a misfortune that will be dealt with when we deal with reincarnation specifically, which, taken as commonly understand, is simply an impossibility. Returning now to the diversity of natures that are produced, each as a unique combination of namika and gotrika. All of the potentialities of such an individual will be present from its birth, and none will be added. This is why, if an individual moves between castes, it is not a result of his having changed himself, but is due to the allowance that one may be born in one caste whose ‘birth’ relegates him to quite another, and it is only natural that it would not be immediately apparent when this is the case.

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