This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Do not disparage things

Things are desirable. If we do not desire God first and foremost, then the desire for things draws us away from Him, and is evil; on the other hand, if our first love is God, then the desire for things undergoes a kind of reversal, and the desire for those same things can bring us closer to God instead of pulling us away, since now we love them in their proper place, which was God’s purpose in creating them in the first place. If it was always and everywhere an evil to desire things of the world, and if they could do nothing but distract us from God, then all of creation is evil. But God said that it was Good.

The false self is that which we adopt as our identity in the world but which is not our true identity in Christ, and therefore it may involve the body and the reason, but to reduce it to one of these elements of our existence is to miss the point. The false self is not a thing–it is an identification of ourselves with what we are not. It is alienation itself, congealed into a mask that covers and suffocates our divinity.

The false self is not identical with the body. You are embodied, and that is according to the design of the Creator, and this embodiment cannot be evil.

Those who hate the body, much like those who hate the world, are trying to deal with evil by localizing it in a particular object, and this will always fail.

Do not view the body as a prison. It is a tool with which you will work out your salvation, and a kind of vehicle that allows you to access that which is beyond you and outside of you. A prison? No. It is the most powerful gift you have been given, so long as you do not let it fall into disrepair, or abandon your position as master and guide.

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