This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Do not exempt yourself from the catastrophe

When we speak of ‘signs of the times’ it is important to keep in mind that they apply to everyone. Identifying them does not mean that you are exempt from their influence. It simply means that you have with you a mirror so that you can, in a way, observe them in yourself as well as in those around you. This will enable you to rise above your contemporaries in perspective, even if you cannot rise above them in condition.

I think that perhaps the worst thing a religious person can do is adopt a view of the Dark Age and “the end” as something that pertains to the heathens all around, but not to believers. Whatever privileged position the faithful are given in accounts of the end, it seems quite clear that they will be subject, like Christ Himself, to violent death and a great suffering. It is a great disservice to teach Christians a narrative in which they are swept up into the clouds and have no part in the unpleasantry that must occur.

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