This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Experience is necessary to man

In other words, experience is necessary. Man cannot think out-of-context, and to do this is bad for one’s spiritual hygiene. Man is body and soul and his thinking will be influenced by both of the worlds he inhabits, and so he must take care not to deny the legitimate role of either. This makes some days a struggle, and we understand the reason why the vast majority of men do not spend time in meditation at all.

Life will always be stronger than concepts, one’s appreciation for life must always be permitted to overcome one’s appreciation for concepts.

Concepts prevail only through a denial of life. This is what happens through secular ideology as well as through a perverse dogmatizing. It is a mental idolatry to which both the materialist and the religious man are susceptible. The temptation is understandable. Concepts are comfortable, since they give the appearance of stability, they give answers, whereas life presents us with chaos and delivers a hundred questions with each answer.

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