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Four states of the living being–four conditions of Atma

Atma, from the point of view of the human being, can be described in terms of four states, corresponding to the difference conditions of the being: first, the waking state, which corresponds to gross (corporeal) manifestation. Second, the dream state, corresponding to the subtle manifestation These two belong to the individual, whereas the third and fourth states are beyond that domain. The third we can call the ‘causal’ state, and is described as the state of ‘deep sleep.’ Fourth is the most universal of states, that of unconditioned Atma.

The third state, deep sleep, can be seen as a withdrawal of the individual being into the formless:

The living soul withdrawing into the bosom of the Universal Spirit [Atma] along the path which leads to the very center of the being, where is the seat of Brahma.[1]

[1] Brahma-Sutras III.2.7-8.

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