This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Further justification for dwelling on Apocalypse

Additional reasons for meditating on the idea of Apocalypse and the general death of all living things is that, first and foremost, death is a certainty for all living things. Men and animals and vegetable life grow and live and die. That is a fact that is a part of life, and so it is absolutely necessary that any orthodox point of view be capable of accepting that fact and relating to it in a healthy and meaningful way. The modern world has completely lost its ability to relate to death and does anything it possibly can, even degrading life, in order to avoid facing death: contemporary Christianity has, unfortunately, followed suit, and it is likely you will never hear a sermon on what it means to die well. The traditional means of dealing with death, and even the old ways of mocking it, present in our “Halloween”, are now distasteful to Christians who can only accept those aspects of the faith which are not so “depressing.” The doctrine of the Apocalypse brings one face to face, in narrative and historical form, which the inevitability of death, the meaning of the struggle, and the glory that follows.

Add to the above the fact that not only individuals but worlds must also live and die, and that just as it is certain that the individual man must face death, so also the Earth itself must perish, for the seed must die in order to be reborn. Since the destruction of the Earth is not only naturally inevitable but also, thanks to modern technology, possible via unnatural means, religions and religious people are well advised to heed what their traditions say about such an event.

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