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Human pheromones

While considering the theory of tsing as a kind of non-physical ‘fluid’ that acts a substrate for sexual magnetism between man and woman, the reader might be reminded of the notion of human pheromones. That this notion has received much discussion and yet never been proven should not be a surprise, since it is basically an attempt on the part of materialistic science to observe the immaterial. We can say that even if pheromones do exist on the biological level, that they would be an example of a material phenomena that evidences the non-material principles of things and cannot be explained in themselves and without reference to the those principles. This applies to the entirety of sexual phenomena, which is why it has been said that:

“The sexual spasm is one of those phenomena that elude physiology proper. The latter has to be content with stating the fact and showing only its nervous mechanism.”[1]

[1] P. Piobb, Venus, Paris, 1909.

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