This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Humanist egalitarianism is not traditional egalitarianism

One should be careful not to equate traditional egalitarianism with the egalitarian of the modern West. One is rooted in the Divine and on the nature of man insofar as his final end is the Divine. The ‘equality’ postulated by the modern West is, on the contrary, based in a humanism that refuses to recognize a final end at all, and if it speaks of a shared human nature, boils down to vague and flattering abstractions and, in the end, human animality. In other words, traditional egalitarianism is deduced from above, while modern egalitarianism is obtained by induction from below, hence its worship of science and insistence on evolutionism.

Islam rejects caste because all men are God; the modern world rejects caste because all men are primates. This makes all the difference, and this is why, despite the drastic difference between the Hindu and Islamic social orders, they will always have more in common with one another than either have with contemporary Western nations.

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