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By Daniel Schwindt

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Individual or formal manifestation: subtle and gross state

Proceeding then into the individual order, which can safely be referred exclusively to formal manifestation, we meet with another necessary distinction two inferior states that fall within this order. These are: subtle state and gross state. These last could be considered different ‘degrees’ of formal manifestation. The gross state is simply corporeal existence itself, to which human individuality belongs, not entirely, but in one of its modalities. The ‘root’ of the human individuality, however, must be sought in the subtle state, which includes the extra-corporeal modalities of the human being. We should note here that in the same way that the Universal and the individual orders cannot be placed in opposition, the one being strictly nil in comparison to the other, so also the subtle and the gross are not symmetrical terms, since one of them encompasses a specific and very limited portion of formal manifestation, while the subtle state contains all the remainder.

Here is a second table outlining these terms:


      — The Unmanifested

       –Formless Manifestation


       –Formal Manifestation

              –Subtle state

             — Gross state

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