This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

Inequality and redistribution

Central to the Biblical concept of the Jubilee is the redistribution of property to alleviate accumulations and dispossession. Such concentration occurs very naturally in many economies, since none are perfect, but it becomes greatly exaggerated in industrialized nations: “The development model of industrialized societies is capable of producing huge quantities of wealth, but also has serious shortcomings when it comes to the equitable redistribution of its fruits and the promotion of growth in less developed areas.”[1]

There is an overwhelming amount of time spent in CST exhorting authorities and private persons to act against rising social inequality.[2] Pope Francis has gone so far as calling inequality “the root of all social evil.”[3] And if we grant the interdependence of political and economic power, which implies that inequality of property necessarily implies imbalances in political power, then it is not difficult to see why this is so.

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