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By Daniel Schwindt

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Inner sex and outer sex

Here we will cite Julius Evola, who makes an important observation regarding the root of sexual differentiation:

“…the truth is that, before and besides existing in the body, sex exists in the soul and, to a certain extent, in the spirit itself. We are man or woman inwardly before being so externally; the primordial male or female quality penetrates and saturates the whole of our being visibly and invisibly, in the terms used here earlier, just as color permeates a liquid.”[1]

This identifies with utmost clarity the primacy of one’s ‘inner sex,’ which acts as the principle of one’s physical sex. However, we also need to recall that these two levels correspond to two parts of our being: the essential, transcendent part and the changeable, superficial part. The latter is acquired and formed throughout life and is for this reason subject to the changing and sometimes violently fluctuating conditions undergone by all living beings. These fluctuations are what lend to the ‘personality’ its uniqueness, and this may or may not correspond to any quality in the soul itself. In other words, this ‘dual nature’ of man can lead to a divergence between the inner and the outer so that the outer can, in some circumstances, display characteristics out of keeping with the inner principle. And so, while vision is natural to man and the functional eye is an effect thereof, it is possible for a man to be born or become blind: but this does not mean that for him blindness is natural, or that sight is not part of human nature. Likewise, the primary quality of maleness might express itself to a greater or lesser degree in some individuals, and other exceptional cases it might even invert itself to result in the expression of female qualities. The results of this situation are sometimes homosexuality, which we will address separately.

[1] Metaphysics of Sex.

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