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By Daniel Schwindt

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Invocation and its appropriateness to the Dark Age

Everything centers are the repetition of this name and its integration into the spiritual life.

Now this practice is effective in itself, and under any conditions on the basis of the universal doctrine of the Logos. However, we can further remark that this method is more strongly recommended for our age due to the fact that it can be put into practice by any believer at any time in any place, and as a means of counteracting the disintegrating conditions that are perpetually at work on the world. In other words, invocation is a balm for the believer in the Dark Age, when confusion seems to reign both inside the soul and around it.

It is precisely this idea which we find enunciated by one Sikh guru:

Now, the Dark Age of Kali Yuga has come.

Plant the Naam, the Name of the One Lord.

It is not the season to plant other seeds.

Do not wander lost in doubt and delusion.

And in the Hindu text Vishnu-Dharma-Uttara, we find the same:

That which is obtained by meditation in the age of Krita, by sacrifice in the age of Treta, by devotion in the age of Dwapara, is obtained in the Kali age by celebrating Keshava [Vishnu].

The repetition of His Name, O Maitreya, is for faults the equivalent of fire for metals.

Water suffices to put out fire, the sunrise to disperse the darkness; in the Kali age the repetition of the Name of Hari [Vishnu] suffices to destroy all errors.

Such is the power of the Divine Name. But to solidify the importance of this invocation not merely in the abstract but within the context of the Dark Age, I will provide another citation, this time of Buddhist origin:

In the present age, which belongs to the fourth half-millennium after Buddha, what we have to do is to repent of our transgressions, cultivate the virtues, and pronounce the Name of Buddha. Is it not said that to think of the Buddha Amitabha and to pronounce His Name…purifies us of all transgressions committed by us in all our lives during eighty thousand million kalpas?

The devotee must utter without interruptions [‘pray without ceasing’] the Name of Buddha with one sole thought, leaving no room in his mind for anything else, and he is then sure to be reborn in the presence of Buddha.

It would not be too much of an exaggeration to suggest that Hesychasm or the recitation of the Rosary could, conceivably, replace even the sacramental economy in the end, when there is nowhere left to turn but to the invocation of the Divine Name. This idea seems to recall the words of the prophet Joel: “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come, but whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered.”

Regardless, we should not see this method as a ‘last resort’ that is thereby inferior, but as a means of grace made universally available to those who employ it, and this is why it is said in the Manava-Dharma-Shastra:

There is no doubt that a Brahmin can attain to Beatitude by invocation alone.

Finally, for the sake of completeness, we will offer a sample from the Islamic doctrine:

Remember Me, and I will remember you.

It is certain that the invocation of Allah is of all things the greatest.

Allah leads to Himself all those who turn to Him, who believe in Him, and whose hearts have rest in the invocation of Allah; is it not by the invocation of Allah that hearts find rest?

And from an ahadith, the content of which should be familiar to Christians who recall Christs words about believers who are ‘gathered in my name’:

Whenever men gather together to invoke Allah, they are surrounded by Angels, the Divine Favor envelops them, and Peace descends upon them, and Allah remembers them in His assembly.

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