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By Daniel Schwindt

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Is missionary activity valid?

When trying to discern whether or not Christian missionary activity can be legitimate, we need to ask first if it is legitimate in principle; and, if so, we then need to examine the nature of missionary activity in the present day and ask if this activity is a valid application of that principle. As to whether or not missionary work is valid in principle, it should be obvious that it is, since this is how a new revelation must propagate throughout its providential sphere of expansion. That is the objective side of the question, but there is also a subjective side, in that missionary activity constitutes a valid vocation for a select few, and therefore demands expression in the world if these few are to be enabled to realize their possibilities. And so we can see that missionary activity has a positive aspect in that it is objectively necessary for the expansion of “the message,” and is also subjectively necessary for the development of individuals called to the missionary way.

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