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By Daniel Schwindt

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Jus in bello, or “right conduct in war”

Once a decision has been made and the state of war is entered, we must change our perspective, for to treat every decision in the midst of war as if it were being made in the midst of peace would be inappropriate and, if we were indeed justified in our decision to enter the conflict, unnecessary. We find in the state of war, then, a new set of conditions, and these fall under the heading of jus in bello, or “right conduct in war.”

Perhaps the most important point made by the Church is that the moral law remains in effect during war, just as it does any other time. The dictum, “all is fair in love and war,” which men are so quick to adopt in order to excuse any sort of action, must be rejected out of hand.[1]

[1] CCC, 2312.

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