This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

Knowledge and morality

The previous observation leads to the problem of morality. Due to the nature of exoterism, which paints a picture of the path to God as a pilgrimage made by the “good servant” for the sake of the “Lord,” the emphasis is naturally on how “good” the servant is throughout this journey. It is founded on action and actions, and the emphasis is on righteousness. Hence, the centrality of moral considerations in exoteric method. Since esoterism deals with the realization of what never ceased to be, it is clear that knowledge must always be central, and this knowledge is sought through “Self” knowledge, since this is the same as God-knowledge. It ceases to be a question of a Lord-servant relationship where salvation is the goal and is given based on the goodness of the servant, and becomes instead a question of Ignorance vs. Knowledge. Morality plays a subordinate role in that it is still a legitimate consideration, but is only important insofar as virtue acts as a support to metaphysical realization, or Self-knowledge, which it undoubtedly does.

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