This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Law and orthodoxy

Christ did not come to replace the law because the law cannot be replaced without instituting chaos. There can be no lawless Christianity. Jnana is spirit while bhakti is form, and without the superstructure of orthodoxy, which is the concern of jnana, bhaktic art, music, and architecture will become disconnected from Truth, and Beauty cannot exist apart from Truth. In other words, as much as the modern spirit, which is a kind of perverse and isolated bhakti, would like to proclaim an ‘art for art’s sake’ through which the artist owes no allegiance to Truth in his work, this kind of work can only result in ugliness. The bhakti always has need of orthodoxy in order for it to develop and thrive without detaching itself from transcendence, just as we have already said that jnana has need of bhakti’s musical, artistic, and architectural productions in order to support its contemplative work.

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