This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Logic and mathematics

The science of logic has greater claim to an affinity with metaphysics than any other science since it is not based on observation or experimentation. Moreover, because it is this science that discerns the conditions pertaining to right reason, it can truly claim to form the foundation of all the others. Nonetheless, we must emphasize that even here it remains of an order inferior to that of metaphysics; on the contrary, metaphysics should be seen as ‘the principle’ of logic, just as the Intellect anterior to the rational faculty and is, in this sense, its principle. Even if we continue to speak of ‘logical principles’ being the foundation of the remaining sciences, it should be kept in mind that the term ‘principles’ used in this way is a relative usage, and these are only principles in the sense that they are determined applications of metaphysical principles, which are truly Universal. Much of what we have just said about logic also pertains to mathematics, although it should be kept in mind that this science is more limited, being restricted as it is to the realm of quantity. Its principles should always be seen as a kind of relative particularization of metaphysics.

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