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By Daniel Schwindt

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Mary as fulfillment of the Great Mother goddesses

Christianity announces the universality of Christ by saying that he is the recapitulation of all sacrifices. In this same way, we can announce the universality of the Marian Mystery by saying that she is the recapitulation of all paganism worship of fertility goddesses, and in particular the cults of the Great Mother, the Magna Mater, that universal figure in the traditional world. By framing things in this way we do not ‘paganize’ Christianity: we simply acknowledge that whatever ray of light these worshippers sensed is shown forth without blemish or flaw in the final manifestation of the Virgin.

By saying this we do not mean to assimilate every doctrine or belief of this kind that previously existed, but rather to say that in the person of Mary all that is salvageable from this category of worship is salvaged, and in her transfigured in its full cosmic significance.

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