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Mary as matron of vegetable life

All vegetable life falls within the domain of Mary, who is assimilated to the fertile and humid earth. For this reason the month of May is consecrated to Mary:

“Oh Christ, Word of the Father, you fell like rain on the field of the Virgin, and, as a perfect grain of wheat, appeared there where no seed had been sown and became food for the world.”

In this context we occasionally run across another example of the dual symbolism already mentioned, this time that of the ‘True Vine,’ which Christ assimilates to himself in the Gospels but which is also assimilated to Mary, and rightly so:

“Oh Mother of God, you are the true vine bearing the fruit of life,” and further, “Vine that has offered the cluster of blessings to those that drink of it,” “Vine that has produced the wine that rejoices souls.”

The references to bountiful production are endless and one seems immediately the intuitive identifications that are brought to light through titles such as: “Our Lady of the Fields, “Our Lady of the Wheat, Our Lady of the Harvest, Our Lady of the Seeds.”

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