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By Daniel Schwindt

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Mary as the Garden of Eden

One finds in art as well as in ancient sermons an assimilation of Mary to the Garden of Eden, again referring to what we’ve already said about virgin earth and fertility and all of the previous imagery. Thus, we find in a 9th century sermon that is today incorporated as a liturgical lesson:

“One sings of her in the Song of Songs (4:12): Closed Garden, Sealed Fountain, what issues forth from you is Paradise. Yes, indeed, a garden of delights; every kind of flower and all the perfumes of the virtues are there gathered.”

Again, in the Byzantine liturgy it is proclaimed that, “You are the mystical garden that without cultivation has brought forth Christ.”

“The Eden of God is Mary…from her the Tree of Life issues, enabling exiles to return to Heaven.”

Thus Mary becomes the Garden of Paradise in which the Tree of Life takes root. “Spiritual Paradise having at its center the Tree of Life,” and elsewhere as the tree itself: “Tree of tasty fruits that nourishes the faithful,” “Blessed Tree that has produced the fruit (Christ) giving joy to those who eat of it.”

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