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By Daniel Schwindt

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Mary as Wisdom

We’ve said elsewhere that Mary is generally is frequently identified with Wisdom as in the Old Testaments literature of that category, and when Wisdom is personified and speaks, such as in Christian liturgical texts, she speaks the words of Lady Wisdom it is as if they were her own words.

Here we would point out that it is natural that Wisdom be attributed a feminine personification, since it is always a question, not of the Intellect Itself, which again would be God, but rather an emanated wisdom, the mind of God made present in creation, the idea clothed in form, the mind of God externalized and crystalized in the cosmic ‘otherness.’

Lady Wisdom is the ‘content’ of divine thought. She is not the Divine Intellect—that which knows—for this is obviously the Logos, or Christ, but is instead that through which God knows Himself in the other. After all, it is a traditional maxim that God knows Himself through his creation, and Mary—universal substance—is the Virgin womb from which all creatures spring. She is the substantial source of manifested things, the cradle in which the ideas of God are nurtured and made present.

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