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By Daniel Schwindt

Mauclair on the supra-rational nature of magnetic love

We will cite Mauclair who himself examined the magnetic theory of love and although his enunciation ignores the traditional data it is still useful for what it gets right:

“The magnetic reasons are the only true ones and remain secret from and sometimes ignored by those who are themselves in love; for they cannot give precise motives for their love and, if they are questioned, bring forth a set of allegations…which are nothing other than reasons close to the essential reason, which cannot be articulated. A man does not love a woman because she is beautiful, pleasing, intelligent, or charming, nor because she is likely to produce an exceptionally strong sensual feeling. All these explanations are only given to satisfy ordinary logic…He loves because he loves, quite apart from all logic, and it is precisely this enigma that reveals the magnetism of love.”[1]

[1] C. Mauclair, La Magie de l’amour, pp. 52-53.

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