This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Means of transmission

One will always note in traditional civilizations the presence of a ‘priestly’ or Sacerdotal class which is responsible for the maintenance and transmissions of doctrine. This class will hold the highest place in society simply due to the fact that all other institutions and activities derive their purpose and direction from this doctrine as secondary applications of its teaching. In India the Brahmins therefore serve as custodians of the traditional doctrine, and their function is to preserve and to teach. Moreover, it must be insisted that due to the constant flux of actual conditions, a living, breathing class such as this is always necessary, and it is simply not possible to have a tradition without such an ‘elite’ dedicated to preserving it. This way of thinking will run contrary to the modern mentality which assumes that so long as the ‘data’ is recorded in some concrete way, then it can be had by anyone, and this is all that is necessary for its truth to be preserved. To have faith in a book alone, while denying its authorized interpreters, is to have faith in something which is dead, and would be immediately identified as an ‘idolatry of the book’ by an Eastern people, and is in fact identified as such by the Catholic Church in the West. To place something in writing is to freeze it in place and lock it into a certain form, and this form will always be susceptible to an indefinite number of interpretations, and while many of these could be true, thanks to the varying degrees of meaning which any scripture contains, most of them will be false. It is only thanks to the living element of the tradition that the truth is protected from distortion. In this way, we come to a central aspect of the tradition in India, which is the relationship between teacher and student, master and disciple.

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