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By Daniel Schwindt

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Medical manipulations and sex changes

Just as we had to warn against the progressivist mistake that would make a norm out of an exception, we must also warn against the “interventionist” way of thinking that would try to “correct” sexual asymmetry by applying chemical treatments and surgical procedures meant to stimulate or at least imitate the characteristics proper to one’s inner sex. The goal is harmony, but the result will always be an exacerbated disharmony. The most obvious problem here is that one’s inner sex, in an undifferentiated age, is terribly difficult to discern, and same-sex attractions are in many cases truly a question of disordered or displaced desires, and in such cases it is not at all a question of asymmetry between inner and outer sex but of psychological development plain and simple. If such a person were to undergo a sex change, it would simply push the psychological disorder to an entirely new degree, rendering it psychosomatic and in essence pushing the disorder to its furthest possible limits of bodily expression.

But mistaken discernment is not even the primary problem with medical interventions of this type. The real issue at stake is whether such interventions are helpful even when asymmetry does exist. We must answer that even if asymmetry exists, this does not signal a need for intervention. This is because, for these individuals, the organic continuity between the inner and the outer levels is somewhat fragile and even mysterious in comparison to the norm, and is therefore more important to leave intact. In other words, asymmetry does not mean disconnect, for there can in actuality never be a disconnect between inner and outer. What it does mean is that the consequences of disturbing this continuity through violent intervention are impossible to foresee. We could, in fact, go further and say that any surgical manipulations that claim to achieve “sex change” involve the conjuring of “unnatural” processes and the installation of prostheses at odds with the organic structure of the body, and as such they are what in previous ages would have been termed “sorcery” of the most perverse type and in effect these techniques also involve a kind of necromancy. These kinds of procedures are essentially Promethean and this is true objectively, for the reasons outlined above, and without the need to enlist any claims about “sexual morality.”

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